A few weeks ago, Dusty Simmons asked me to come out to City Dogs in the Fan to take photos of his semi-new project The Root Downs.  I had a 10+ hour work day before the show so I wasn't sure if I could make it out.  Turns out I put on my big girl pants and got out to the gig....apparently half asleep because I left my camera battery charging at home.  Oops.
So, when I saw that they were subbing in for DJ Williams Projekt last Tuesday at Cafe Diem (while members of the Projekt were on tour around the country/world) I made sure to put my battery in the camera.  You should really check out this organ trio.  Anything Dusty Simmons or Brian Mahne have ever been a part of I have enjoyed...and I am a new fan of Brian Mesko.  

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