The May June

Not much to update life on. Apparently I was terrible at the 365 project. Getting the camera out everyday to take pictures is more difficult that I had thought. I would have loved to find that much time but really, just didn't happen. Most pictures ended up coming from the terrible camera in my cell phone. In fact, I didn't take too many pictures in May at all. I did finally get around to throwing up a BS website to act as a sort of gallery and contact point for....well, me. As if I am not enough of an internet whore (and no, that does not imply porn).

But.....some fun things did happen.
One thing I truly love about Richmond is our outdoor fun at the river....especially when it's free. The Riverrock Fest brought us Robert Randolph and The Family Band one beautifully hot Saturday afternoon. Opening acts were Beast Wellington, Antero, and Farm Vegas. I arrived too late to get pics of Beast but not too late for some shots of one of Richmond's reggae bands.
My friend Mahne celebrated a birthday and I got to witness the largest beer I had ever seen consumed....
a Sunday Funday to say goodbye to a friend who was moving to DC to start anew....
can you see the fun?
okay, how about now?
and our dear friend Lonnie says goodbye by riding our Main St polar bear. (no, I don't know why it is there. If anyone wants to fill me in, please feel free!)
and the picture that did not make the facebook profile pic cut....hahaha

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