Ready, Aim, BLOG

One thing I do miss about MySpace was the ability to blog. Man, did I like to blog. I now will blog again...the brughaha way. The photo blog. :)
Don't say blog....

Let's see how this thing works....hmmm, an April recap?

I started a 365 photo project...which I don't always succeed at. I knew it was going to be difficult and take some serious dedication. The goal is to take a new picture everyday to post. But sometimes work just wears ya out. A few random shots from April....

I did a bit of Disney World with mom for the weekend. A few shots from the trip:

and of course I caught some kick ass music....

The New Belgians in the studio

Bluegrass brunch with Jackass Flats

Reggae Monday at the Martini Kitchen with Antero

Lydia Ooghe at the Listening Room

DJ Williams Projekt at Cafe Diem with TV's Danny P!

end blog.



    Check 'em out!

  2. Love it! The pics are great.