Summertime in Richmond. Hot!
Music in Richmond. HOT!

(a little helpful hint....the links are there for a reason...FOLLOW THEM and check out some bad ass music)

A temporary sugar daddy took me to see Moe. and Yonder at Innsbrook and then afterwards I went to check out WHAT I LIKE TO CALL BeastBelgian Wednesdays with Beast Wellington at Bogarts

and The New Belgians at Cary St.
Lucky us, BOTH bands play for free EVERY Wednesday at these places. Wednesday is always funday:)

More outdoor music fun in Richmond?? Friday Cheers it is with the DJ Williams Projekt opening up for Karl Denson's Tiny Universe.
da Projekt
Tiny Universe
After party? On to Cary St where the Projekt continues to rock the night.
and special guests from Tiny Universe
and i'm spent. And that was just the first week of June. More to come!!

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