The Paper Anniversary

When Sarah approached me with her amazing idea for an anniversary present for her husband, I had no idea what a BIG project is was gonna be.  Sarah and Curtis were about to celebrate their one year anniversary and by gift guidelines this was the "paper anniversary".  Sarah has a massive boot collection and it is a point of teasing between her and her husband so she decided it would be a fun idea to make him an album of her wearing all of her boots....ALL of them!  It ended up taking us three different days and three different locations to finish all 20 pairs but we did it! I must say we (at least I) had SO much fun with this.  This was the third time I have had Sarah in front of my lens (her engagement shoot which is one of my favorites to date and her wedding last year) and the camera loves her.  She made it insanely difficult to narrow down the shots....pretty much every photo was gorgeous. 

This is the MASSIVE pile of stuff that we had to carry with us through the woods by the river....we definitely got our workout in that day.

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