Ken and Erin- Lanexa, VA Wedding

Erin and Ken live in Kentucky and so our one available time we had to shoot engagement photos was in the dead of summer, and by dead I mean scorching heat enough to kill you dead.  We left that day excited that the next time we would meet would be during an awesome cool Virginia fall day.  When the day came, the temperature was jackets needed, no sweating happening.  The threat of rain hung over the whole day, with light misting showers here and there.  It made no difference, no one cared. The day was perfect.

The wedding took place at Ken's parents' river house in Lanexa, Va.  It was so incredibly nice.  I loved that when I arrived, despite the fact that it was October and a wedding was about to take place, family and friends were water skiing.  All of the reception details were adorable, everyone involved and in attendance was incredibly sweet and inviting, and the day couldn't have gone smoother. So much love between these two and their families.

The dance party during the reception had me insanely entertained and reminded me of the epic dance parties my friends and I have at weddings.  One kid, in the bowtie, not only was break dancing and posing for me, but knew every word to a Michael Jackson song.  I was impressed.  Someone raised him right!

Thanks again, Ken and Erin! It was awesome to meet you and be a part of your big day!

Of  course their beautiful baby girl is their entire world, so I tried to incorporate her as much as I could in to the day.

The ladies loved her veil so much they had to sneak try it on themselves!

Told you she was beautiful.  This is the skirt from Erin's wedding dress and Erin's grandmother's pearls...

The two bridesmaids... :)

All smiles watching his bride come down the aisle....

I was shooting down the aisle and all of a sudden noticed I had a buddy in front of me who was in awe of my big camera...

The couple combined soil from both Kentucky and Virginia with this tree.

For the epic photobomb win!  I got the photo the second time, he certainly jumped out of nowhere!

This guy! 

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