Songwriter Night at the Camel

Heading to Songwriter night....I grabbed my camera and one lens planning for a night of awesome songwriters playing their awesome originals on the stage of the Camel.  I got there to find a night of awesome songwriters playing their awesome originals in the bar area pretty much in the dark.  Made things slightly more difficult to capture.  But it was a lesson learned...don't always assume you know what to expect.  Point is, I didn't get many shots.  Next time I will plan for everything:)

The talent was more than entertaining.  I was mostly excited to catch Chris Ryan and Chelsea Temple play, already knowing how awesome they are and being lucky to call them friends.  Lydia Ooghe is always a pleasure to hear. To me, she always represents the ultimate songbird....with a delicate voice that flows sorta dreamlike.  (if that even makes sense)  The rest were all surprises. And good surprises.  I wish I could tell you their names but with the exception of those mentioned and Paul Wilson, I am clueless. So, if anyone reads  this and can fill me in, I would love to add their names to the blog.

I liked this guy. He had sort of a story telling Bob Dylanish way of singing...mostly.

 Paul Wilson
 Lydia Ooghe
 (Insert name here)

 Chelsea Temple

So, as I said I was shooting mostly in the dark....I decided to have fun with it...this made me chuckle cause I thought her ponytail looked like a little duck tail.  I am easily amused.

Super thanks to everyone for putting their work out there and making for a wonderful evening.

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