Shots on a Friday Night

I've said it before...the problem with Richmond more often than not is not finding something to's choosing which thing to do.  So many times you find different bands you want to see at different bars.  Sometimes you just got to jump around. This particular Friday night that is just what we did.

First stop was Bogart's for John Conley, Brian Mahne, and Forrest Young....a trio of awesomeness.

Then off to Ballicaux (or as we tend to call it, "old Bogart's") for some NO BS
This place was crazy NO BS shows always are...
my view from the back, the comfortable back:)

Last stop of the night was The Camel for Jackass Flats...another consistent party of awesomeness. Where else would you find a bluegrass/americana band covering Nine Inch Nails?

Thanks for the tunes!

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