John and Jessica- A Chicago Wedding

I was more than flattered and happy to fly out to Chicago to capture John and Jessica's wedding for them. Jessica's family is from Chicago so they decided to have the wedding and reception there and then do a second "reception" here in Virginia the following week. I had never been to Chicago before and the travel junkie in me jumped at the chance (luckily it was in August, I may not have been so excited to go to Chicago in the winter- it was 3 degrees when I flew through there 2 days ago). Boy did we have a super fun weekend. It was a small intimate wedding and just full of laughter and good times.

The wedding took place in a park in downtown Chicago...

Music provided by the groom and maid of honor...

After the ceremony we embarked in a limo ride around Chicago.  First stop, the bean of course! (it was lollapalooza weekend so the city was extra crowded. Hey tourists....don't touch the bean! So many smudges and handprints)
then a stop along the river....
We ran in to a group of police officers and joked that the couple should take a photo with one.....the first one we approached had the same last name as them.  He welcomed them to the family:)

Champagne limo ride!
The driver was super cool and needed to be in the photos......
The reception was at the Little Goat.

Golden hour first dance!
and the daddy daughter dance...
John and his mom were adorable during their dance, they were singing every single word to the song together!

John and Jessica are both "foodies" and John specifically instructed me to get photos of the food...which they prepared right in front of us.
Was the food good?  Just watch Samson's response!

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