A Chicago Wedding Rehearsal

In August I had the privilege of traveling to Chicago to shoot a wedding.  And just to show how much fun the trip was, I thought I would blog about the super fun rehearsal.  I have gotten to shoot a few wedding rehearsals and I must say,they are a blast.  Everyone gets to relax and just have fun.

Me and the guys about to head over to the rehearsal. 

The wedding gifts!  When we shot their engagement photos and I took that photo I immediately said, "that's gonna be your album cover."  And it ended up being just that!  The CD was full of some of John and Jessica's favorite songs and a few original tunes they record together.  
 Samson happily played the part of Jessica's dad for the rehearsal.
 Having too much fun "rehearsing"

 And then to the dinner!  3 generations of beautiful.

 This is John telling the story of when he proposed :)
 And this just sums up the amazingly fun night!

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