Fear of Music- The Broadberry

What can I say? I love this band.  Like more than friends.  I remember months before their debut Dusty Simmons telling me about how they were starting a Talking Heads tribute band.....and I freaked out.  My excitement level was through the roof.  Then he told me who was going to be playing in the band with him.  And then I freaked out some more.  From the first note of the first night of their show I knew I was in for awesomeness.  The band just keeps getting better and this night at the Broadberry in RVA was by far my favorite of their shows.  The sound in that venue was amazing.  The band was on fire. And the house was packed.  I am not sure I have missed more than one of their RVA shows since they started and I don't plan on missing another one.  They kill it....every time.

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