Kourtney and Ryan- Richmond, VA Wedding

First of all I just want to give a super huge gigantic thanks to Kourtney and Ryan who have waited very patiently for this blog.  Apparently all my technology I depend on decided to abandon me in the last month or so.  Happy to have everything back working!!

Kourtney and Ryan....what a wedding day! From laughs at the Linden Inn getting ready (a bit of a panic as my battery died going to the ceremony...eek!), the most adorable flower girls ever with their hand made dresses, an epic dance party at the reception, hilariously touching speeches and one super beautiful in love couple.  Thanks for having me along!

The girls decorated the champagne glasses for the bride and groom to return to after the reception...

The flower girls opening their presents...

I loved this moment.  One flower girl telling the other flower girl while upset, "it's okay."

Because it is certainly a celebration!

That first kiss!

The ladies...

and the fellas...

I love the one on the right of Kourtney and her dad

The top right...yes, they is the mother of the bride and the uncle of the bride doing the Dirty Dancing dance.

Showing off the bling by the photo booth.

They are the cutest!

 I love this middle shot of Kourtney!

This series!

Pre-Ceremony: Linden Inn
Ceremony and Reception: Art Space

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