Costa Rica Pt. 3

How have I still not gotten around to this?
Well, here we goooooo!
 Our time in Monteverde had come to an was time to pack up and head to the coast for some Costa Rican beach time.

Road Snacks!

there were more animals than cars on the roads.

bumpy road videos

We arrived in Tamarindo and immediately went bar....beach...pool.
Testing out Chris's underwater camera capabilities...

Hugging the underwater barstool (CB)

 Underwater planking (CB)
 Above water planking
 Chris self-pic (CB)

Monday morning Chris testing out the panoramic capabilities on new camera (CB)

The howler monkeys! (CB)

another panoramic shot...on the way up to the volcano (CB)

Ziplining at Buena Vista 

our awesome guide took this video...

then came the tarzan swing....i may or may not have been scared shitless:) 

Rodney...not as scared

more ziplining 

and the super awesome waterslide

and then horse back riding (my first time) (CB)

and then mudbaths (CB)

then hot springs! (CB)

beers in hot springs!

And that was an awesome day.

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