Costa Rica Pt. 2, Scenes from the Cloud Forest

Day Three in Costa Rica: Hiking through the cloud forest

Breakfast hike around the hotel where we came across a tree that was larger than me.
(photo: Chris Brugh)

and then off to the....

a video Chris took

Notice the sign says, "on clear days you can see".....this was obviously not a clear day.  You could not see anything through the clouds!

and then off to find the waterfall...

The guys trying to determine whether the road is passable...

we decided it was okay to drive through 

The woman that owned the property the waterfall trail was on did not speak any english.  I had a very difficult conversation with her where she was trying to explain that we could not go to the waterfall because there had been too much rain and the trail was too dangerous.  Our response..."we can't? or we shouldn't" haha. she eventually accepted our money and wished us luck.  i dont think she expected us to return.

I was only a little nervous... (photo: Chris Brugh)

(Photo: Chris Brugh) 

A video Chris took of the waterfall

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