Laces Out Radio

I made my internet podcast debut this month on Laces Out Radio.  What started as a forum to talk sports has evolved into...well....a potty mouth parade. I had successfully avoided guest hosting the show for 24 episodes as I knew exactly what I would be getting myself into.  Then the 25th show happened.  I braved it...but not without keeping score of how many times I was insulted during the show.  Seriously though, what a hilariously awesome time.  Go to Facebook and like the page!

And now...the hosts of Laces Out: 


Special guest host, Justin  

The view from my seat 

The unofficial sponsor of Laces Out Radio 

Lucky for me, the night I was a guest was the night Will had planned to punch John in the stomach....this is John prepping himself for the beating. 
and then....

and the aftermath... 

Good times! Thanks for having me guys....hopefully I will be invited back.

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