Hanover Crab Fest

Until recently, every summer we would go down to my grandparents house and they would buy bushels of crabs for us to enjoy. I kept talking about how I missed just standing around breaking apart crabs and drinking beer for an afternoon. Then the Crab Fest happened. I will start off by thanking Smiley for buying me a ticket to enjoy all the yummy crabbiness.

Luckily we got there early and were not stuck at the back of this line.
Ladies of the Tuesday
I heart my fiance

Jen waiting for the beer truck to open...somewhat patiently
cause u always need a picture of someone eating a hot dog
and now crabs, beer, music and drunks.
and a lot of mess
Did I mention this was in Hanover?
It's a big one
I love this guy's shirt
Some old friends....
and me...
Hey Atlee kids (and especially you WDT3, guess who?
How they removed the crab remains...
Jen yelling at Andrea:)
Andrea worked very hard on this...
My little buddy:
He was posing for me:)
Good times.

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